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>> Contributing to the dissemination of the French abolitionist law worldwide 

Conference on strategies to address prostitution in all its forms - New York (2017, 13 March)
During the CSW61 - 61st Annual Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations, the Scelles Foundation organized a Conference on Strategies to Address Prostitution and Sex Trafficking at the Consulate General of France in New York, in partnership with SPACE International and the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW).



2017-2018 JuST conference against the sex trafficking in minors  - new orleans/San Diego
The Scelles Foundation was present at the 2017 JuST Shared Hope International conference in New Orleans and 2018 in San Diego against trafficking in minors for the purposes of sexual exploitation, which is growing at an alarming rate all over the world. Exchanges of expertise and good practices were on the agenda at the Foundation’s stand, which also assisted in case studies, testimonies and recommendations on inter-disciplinary cooperation to be implemented to fight more effectively against this scourge and its consequences and most recent developments.


Conference on Combating Online Sex Trafficking - New York (2018, 14 March)
International Colloquium during the 62nd session of the UNCSW brings together key players in the global fight against online sex trafficking: policy makers, tech companies, law firms, law enforcement, business leaders, NGOs to confront challenges and forge cooperation with Sanctuary for Families, the Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations, Thomson Reuters Foundation




>> Supporting public policies

Evaluating the implementation of the law
In December 2017, the Scelles Foundation, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (Directorate-General of Social Cohesion)  commissioned a local evaluation study, by sociologists, on the application of the law of 13 April 2016 in 4 French cities, Narbonne, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, and Paris. This study, running from January to April 2018, will be reproduce in 2018 for a first scientifically-grounded assessment.



Launch of the 1st awareness-raising course in Paris in partnership with the paris Public Prosecutor's office - Paris (2017, 29 september)
At the request of the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office, the Scelles Foundation, following the passing of the law of 13 April 2016, took all the necessary measures to be able to provide Parisian awareness courses on the fight against the purchase of sexual acts, in 2017, in association with new public policies.

Bringing justice to victims
In 2017, the Scelles Foundation developed a new partnership with the Brown law firm in Paris, and enhanced the collaboration that it started in 2016 with the Proskauer France law firm  (725 lawyers worldwide). These 2 firms represent the Foundation as civil parties in criminal proceedings against procurers and traffickers being prosecuted.


>> Serving the public interest

European awareness Campaign : #AlloStella - A penny for your thoughts (2017, 28 september)
The Scelles Foundation carries out various awareness-raising operations for the general public, French and foreign media, decision-makers and target audiences including young people, in particular through the Youth Awards against Sexual Exploitation. In 2017, it participated in a major European campaign, A Penny for your Thoughts in partnership with 5 other countries, to change behavior by denouncing the violence of prostitution and discouraging demand.



youth awards against sexual exploitation
Since 2012, the Scelles Foundation has been conducting an annual awareness campaign on prostitution with young students and professionals, lawyers, future public prosecutors, journalists, photographers, middle school students, high school students, in the form of contests involving pleadings, prosecutions, reports, visuals and slams, which take place throughout the year.


>> Providing expertise

Symposium for youth prevention - Orleans, 2017, 9 February)
As part of its awareness-raising activities, the Scelles Foundation took part in a symposium organized by the Mouvement du Nid on the theme of Online harassment, hypersexualisation, and pornography, to inform people about the scale of the problem and provide expertise in matters of prevention.


>> Disseminating Key tools

Prostitution is a complex and ever-changing phenomenon that the Scelles Foundation studies closely, in order to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date analysis possible.
In addition to providing briefing documents on its activity, the  Foundation offers articles on hot topics in France and abroad and monitors the press in more than 200 countries. The Foundation also carries out in-depth analyses - study books, white papers, studies, brochures, and dossiers on emerging issues and challenges, such as the links between prostitution and terrorism.


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