The UN French Mission


The French Mission represents France at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Its role is to monitor the activities of the UN to report them to the French authorities, and relay and defend France’s positions. The mission’s diplomats make sure that these positions are taken into account during negotiations in collaboration with our European partners notably.

Nearly 80 people, including 30 diplomats, work at the mission. The mission also includes an economic section responsible for assisting French companies with the UN tendering process and a military section which liaises between the military division of the UN Secretariat’s Department of Peacekeeping Operations and the French military authorities. The French Mission already welcomed a SAM’s exhibition in January 2017: #AtThisAge was the first United Nations exhibit featuring street art.



François Delattre, Ambassador, is the Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations.


“Street Art for Mankind is one of the great defenders of children’s rights. With their “big art”, creative exhibitions and powerful messages, they are key in raising awareness to end child slavery, which is one of the worst Human Rights violations of our time. We need more Murals of Freedom and powerful exhibitions like this to take place across the world so that the civil society mobilizes to help us stop child labor and slavery”.


Manhattan Murals for Freedom 17 famous street artists Survivors Stories Street Art for Mankind

The Scelles Foundation is part of "Manhattan Murals for Freedom" against Child Sex Trafficking and Labor, organized by Street Art for Mankind with the French Permanent Mission to the UN. Read more

From all over the world the artists will create unique wall paintings, based on the true stories of child victims. The replicas will be exposed with more arts work at the UN during the “UN-JI” Exhibition. Read more

The Scelles Foundation’s mural will be about Melanie’s story, as Survivor of internet-facilitated sex trafficking. In addition to the painting, people will have the opportunity to hear Melanie sharing her story through the app. Read more

SAM organizes its second awareness-raising campaign to combat sex trafficking and labor of children in partnership with the French Mission to the UN. Read more